Cate Blanchett To Adapt 'Cancer Vixen' Graphic Novel, Looking For Director

Cate BlanchettFROM MOVIES BLOG: Imagine that you’re an actress not even forty years old, and you’ve already been nominated for the Oscar four times, won it once, and worked alongside everyone from Steven Spielberg to Leonardo DiCaprio to Peter Jackson and many others. Where does Cate Blanchett go from here?

Naturally, she finds increasingly difficult material to make into movies, then does her best to help steer it to the screen. And her current pet project is “Cancer Vixen: A True Story,” Marisa Acocella Marchetto’s humorously serious depiction of how the C-word knocked her out of her Carrie Bradshaw fantasy and into reality.

“Yes, it’s a comic novel, which I’m hoping will come up,” enthused Blanchett, who hopes to someday play the part of Marchetto in a feature film based on her graphic novel. “It’s a really unique book.”

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