Sam Mendes Says 'Preacher' Story 'Absolutely Brilliant, Dangerous'... But Still Waiting For A Script

Back in October, the 'Net leaped out of its seat and shouted "Hallelujah!" over the news that Vertigo's groundbreaking series "Preacher" had broken out of development hell and a "Preacher" movie was on its way to the silver screen after Columbia had obtained the rights to the franchise (with Sam Mendes pegged to direct). Heck, we were so excited over the news that we even threw together a "Preacher" casting call!

However, we later discovered that the news of Mendes' attachment to "Preacher" was a bit premature. So, when MTV happened to catch the Oscar-winning director on the red carpet at The Golden Globes, we had to check in and see there had been any movement since the news first broke.

As you can see in the video above, while Mendes tells us that he's still waiting on a script before he decides to officially sign on, he clearly seems to be interested in taking on the "brilliant" adaptation despite its potential for "danger."

"I think it's absolutely brilliant," said Mendes when asked why he found "Preacher" intriguing. "It's a gripping story, fantastic characters, great visual landscape. It mixes supernatural and real worlds brilliantly... it's funny, and it's absolutely, completely blasphemous, possibly even sacrilegious I would say. Which might be a dangerous thing to take on."

Do you agree with Mendes' take on "Preacher?" Do you think he'd be good for the project, or would a different director be better suited for it? Testify in the comments.