Mickey Rourke Says He'll 'Bring It All' To 'Iron Man 2’

Sure, Mickey Rourke is back in the spotlight thanks to an award-winning role in Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler," but does that mean we're more or less likely to see him in "Iron Man 2"? The 'Net was buzzing last week when it was announced that Rourke and Sam Rockwell were in talks to play villains in the "Iron Man" sequel -- prompting us to examine likely "Iron Man 2" storylines and characters based on the rumored characters -- but when we had a chance to ask Rourke about his involvement, he offered up some quick thoughts about a potential role in the film.

Regarding "Iron Man 2," Rourke said he'd bring "everything I can bring" to a role in the eagerly anticipated film.

"I'll bring it all," added Rourke, before being whisked away to the Golden Globe ceremony (where he later won the coveted Best Actor award for his dramatic turn in "The Wrestler").

While this certainly doesn't mean he's locked into a role in the film -- and definitely doesn't shed any light on the character he'll play if he does join the cast -- Rourke's comments add to an already impressive collection of hints and teases coming out of the event. For example, check out Aaron Eckhart's response when asked about a potential return for Two-Face, his character in "The Dark Knight."

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Once again, let's talk Mickey Rourke and Iron Man villains, folks. Who would you like ot see him play? Think he's a good choice for the film? Sound off!