A 'Dr. Horrible' Sequel? Neil Patrick Harris Says 'No Future' Right Now

Neil Patrick HarrisIf there was one moment of brilliance that came out of the writer’s strike, surely it was the Joss Whedon musical, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog.” Life seems a little bit brighter now that we’ve heard Nathan Fillion’s singing voice, discovered the existence of Bad Horse and his Evil League of Evil, and discovered how a mere bad guy becomes a super villain.

Fans of Dr. Horrible have been clamoring for a sequel since the first episode -- and given the sucker-punch of an ending, it seems wide open for one. When MTV News caught up with Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris, we asked if there was any chance that he would be returning in another installment.

“No, I wish," he told MTV. "Everyone asks me for scoops. We just worked on the DVD. It has its own unique commentary musical that I think is kick-ass. But otherwise there's no future with it at the moment."

"Joss is so busy with 'Dollhouse' and the launch of that which is happening very soon," continued Harris. "He has a lot of other fish to fry."

So for now, we’ll have to content ourselves with "Commentary: The Musical" and with the spin-off "Dr. Horrible" comics published by Dark Horse. It's hard to be a Whedon fan sometimes -- every single series he does ends far too soon, doesn’t it?

For more of our interview with Neil Patrick Harris on his Golden Globes nomination and "Saturday Night Live" appearance, head over to MTV.com.

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