The Back-Issue Bin: Jan. 5 - Jan. 9, 2008

'Watchmen'It's a brand new year here at Splash Page HQ, and we've had plenty of big stories to kick it off in style. Here's a sampling of what we've brought your way while 2009 is still fresh:

- News about the "Watchmen" movie dominated the headlines this week, with a Japanese "Watchmen" trailer hitting the 'Net, a flurry of updates on the "Watchmen" legal battle, and frank comments about the lawsuit from the film's cast and current and former "Watchmen" producers.

- "The Dark Knight" raked in the award nominations, with nods from the Producers Guild, Director's Guild, Cinematographer's Society and Writers' Guild. We also received a thought-provoking update on "Batman 3” from "Dark Knight" producer Chuck Roven.

- We were just as surprised as you when we heard Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell might be villains in "Iron Man 2” -- so check out our in-depth analysis of the characters they might be playing.

- Call it an MTV/Buffy-verse crossover! We gave you an exclusive preview of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight" #21 and a guest blog from writer Jane Espenson, who sank her literary teeth into a new, fictional MTV Reality TV series.

- The "Jonah Hex" film got a director, and we talked to likely star Josh Brolin about the new guy behind the "Hex" camera.

- Finally, we tracked down Lion-O voice actor Larry Kenney's thoughts about that "ThunderCats" movie trailer everyone's talking about.

See you next week, True Believers!

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