'Watchmen' Star Malin Ackerman On Film's Legal Troubles: 'Sh-- Happens'

The release date for the "Watchmen" movie continues to reside in legal limbo, with studios Warner Bros and Fox most recently calling for the judge presiding over the case to decide when -- or possibly, if -- the film will make it to theaters in the near future. While the cast and crew involved with the film have generally kept mum about the lawsuit (Zack Snyder declined to comment when asked about it back in November), star Malin Ackerman (Silk Spectre II) opened up to MTV News with some choice words about the film's legal troubles.

"You know, sh-- happens," Ackerman told MTV. "It is what it is. As long as the film gets released and people get to see the work that we've done, that we're so proud of, I think everyone will be happy."

"I'm not so sure the studios feel the same way," she added.

For more of Malin Ackerman's thoughts on the "Watchmen" lawsuit, head over to MTV.com

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