'Batman 3’ Update: Christopher Nolan & David Goyer 'Talking,' Says 'Dark Knight' Producer

During last night's People's Choice Awards, "The Dark Knight" producer Chuck Roven cleared up some of the speculation surrounding the sequel to the celebrated Batman blockbuster, telling MTV that director Christopher Nolan and writer David Goyer are indeed "talking and thinking" about the next film.

UPDATE: Roven isn't the only person hinting at a "Dark Knight" sequel. Check out Aaron Eckhart's response when asked whether we'll see Two-Face again!

While Roven's comments seem to indicate that Nolan and Goyer will be returning for the sequel (Nolan was noncommittal to a "Dark Knight" sequel in the past, and Goyer declared any and all sequel rumors "B.S." back in October), it doesn't address the two questions most comics fans are dying to know the answers to: What villains will appear in the film and who will play them?

Well, there could be at least one clue in Roven's response.

"We have to separate the actors from the role," said Roven when asked whether they would've done anything different with Heath Ledger's villainous Joker if they knew the actor wouldn't be reprising the role.

"On a personal level, Heath was a friend of mine. We had worked together before 'The Dark Knight,' but I still think that 'The Dark Knight' is its own thing, and we have to separate them," added Roven.

Could that mean they're open to re-casting The Joker? Will we see The Clown Prince of Crime return for the "Dark Knight" sequel? Keep an eye on Splash Page for more "Dark Knight" sequel news as it develops!

And make sure to check out the full interview with "Dark Knight" producer Chuck Roven on MTV.com.

What do you think about Roven's comments? What do they mean for the "Dark Knight" sequel? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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