Lion-O Voice Actor Discusses 'ThunderCats' Fan Trailer, Status Of CGI 'ThunderCats' Movie

'ThunderCats'When it comes to last week's live-action "ThunderCats" trailer created by a fan of the 1980s cartoon series, we're not sure what we got more of a kick out of -- the frame-by-frame editing that turned Brad Pitt and Vin Diesel into Lion-O and Panthro, respectively, and made "World's Sexiest Man" Hugh Jackman into a very believable Tygra; or the simple fact that the trailer made a live-action "ThunderCats" movie seem like a very good idea.

While the possibility of a feature-length "Thundercats" film coming to theaters has been in play since 2007, when Warner Bros. announced it was producing a CGI movie based on the series, we thought it would be interesting to run the idea by the original Lion-O himself, voice actor Larry Kenney, and find out what he thinks about the fan-made "Thundercats" trailer -- and, of course, what he knows about the real "ThunderCats" movie in production.

"I like it," Kenney told MTV News after watching the fan-made "ThunderCats" trailer. "I hope Warner Bros. does as well with the real thing."

As for Brad Pitt playing Lion-O, Kenney said the casting "works for me," but was thankful that WB's plans for a feature-length "ThunderCats" film will likely call for computer-generated characters.

"Thank goodness the movie will be CGI," laughed Kenney. "[It] gives me a chance to reprise my role as Lion-O."

Whether the popularity of the fan-made trailer reignites interest in the "ThunderCats" movie remains to be seen, however. As far as being called upon to reprise his role as the leader of the ThunderCats, Kenney told MTV there is "still no word on that."

Just in case you missed it, here's that fan-made "ThunderCats" trailer everyone's talking about:

Eager to see the feature-length CGI "ThunderCats" movie? Hope to hear Larry Kenney return as the voice of Lion-O? Let us know in the comment section!