'Watchmen' Director Zack Snyder On The Violence & 'Package' Of Dr. Manhattan

Dr. ManhattanNow that the pesky legal fiasco is over with, fans eagerly anticipating the March 6 release of Zack Snyder's take on "Watchmen" can focus on the real important issues of the adaptation, and how the director managed to take a seemingly unfilmable graphic novel to the big screen. From a fan's perspective, one would assume that one of the biggest challenges in bringing "Watchmen" to life would be how to handle Dr. Manhattan (played by Billy Crudup), a god-like hero who spends a good chunk of the book naked, unabashedly showing off...umm...Lil' Dr. Manhattan throughout.

In an exclusive sit-down with MTV, Snyder confirms that Dr. Manhattan's nudity -- unlike the film's ending -- will not be altered or toned down. "It's an R rated movie, right?" said Snyder. "What you see in the trailer has to be a little bit squished around so it can get on TV. I think in the final film you'll see it's true to the graphic novel. He's naked."

In addition to the nudity, another obstacle Snyder must have faced was joining Crudup's acting abilities with a very CGI-heavy character harmoniously. Yet Snyder -- ever the student of the source material -- is quick to point out that the character of Dr. Manhattan and his development throughout the book transcends mere facial expression and body language, yet at the same time praising Crudup for what must have been a difficult role to pull off.

"That's the thing with Dr. Manhattan -- He still goes through this huge emotional journey in the movie and you need someone that can take that thread and pull it and pull a performance out of a really abstract environment and [Crudup]'s done an amazing job as far as I'm concerned," said Snyder.

And if nudity and making a heavily computer animated character endearing to audiences wasn't enough of a headache to try and adapt, there's also the level of violence that's synonymous with "Watchmen." Once again, Snyder lets us fans know that, if it's in the book, it'll be in the film (regardless if it's censored in most of the trailers we've seen so far).

"When Manhattan blows up that guy in Vietnam, the MPAA was like 'I don't think so,' and so we kind of made a different version for the trailer."

From what you've seen of "Watchmen," do you think Snyder and Crudup have handled Dr. Manhattan well? Or are you reserving judgment until "Watchmen" hits theaters? Talk it up in the comments!

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