Was Harrison Ford Almost Cast As Superman?

'Harrison Ford'Here at Splash Page, we love talkin' comics and comic book movies with celebrities. While we occasionally uncover breaking news about an upcoming project, we usually just end up discovering which Hollywood stars are closet fanboys and fangirls. Every so often, though, we hear from a celebrity who was up for a role that would've drastically changed a franchise -- like when Bill Murray told us he was almost Batman in Tim Burton's 1989 film.

Now we can officially add another actor to the "What If?" list.

"I think back when 'Superman' was first being done I was vaguely in consideration, but it never came to the point of having to try on the tights," Harrison Ford told MTV News during a recent interview.

However, Ford clearly carries no hard feelings about losing the role of the Man of Steel in 1978's "Superman" to Christopher Reeve, and given the fact that he has more than enough geek cred between his roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, don't expect to see him popping up in any comic flicks in the near future.

"Genre-wise, its not an area I’m typically attracted to," Ford told MTV.

Do you think Ford would've been able to pull off Superman? Sound off in the comments!