David Fincher On Rachel McAdams/Casey Affleck 'Ness' Casting Rumors, Appeal Of 'Torso' Adaptation

'Ness'Never one to shy away from controversy, director David Fincher didn't pull any punches in his interview with MTV about "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" -- but while we had his ear, Splash Page couldn't help but get in a few questions about "Ness," his much-anticipated adaptation of the graphic novel "Torso," too.

Along with telling MTV that his take on the film would be a "complete reimagining" of the graphic novel by Brian Bendis and Marc Andreyko -- in which a post-"Untouchables" Eliot Ness investigates a Cleveland serial killer -- Fincher confirmed that many of the casting rumors (Matt Damon as Ness, Rachel McAdams and Casey Affleck in supporting roles) remain firmly in "rumor" category... for now.

"I've never spoken with Rachel McAdams, though it's a fine idea," Fincher told MTV. "I've spoken with Casey."

Fincher also had quite a bit to say about what drew him to the "Torso" story -- and why Eliot Ness might not be the hero Hollywood has raised him up to be.

"[Ness is] kind of the self-righteous, American do-gooder," Fincher told MTV. "He was an interesting and extremely flawed guy who had a lot of problems. He did a lot of destructive things in the name of cleaning up the streets."

Fincher said it was the "flawed" heroism of Eliot Ness that attracted him to the story in "Torso," which was initially published in 1998 by Image Comics. The graphic novel chronicles Ness' experiences after rising to fame as the leader of Chicago's Prohibition-era law enforcers "The Untouchables," and his decision to leave Chicago for a position as Cleveland's Safety Director -- only to have an investigation of the notorious "Torso Murderer" complicate his life and career.

"Not to take anything away from [Ness] -- he wasn't an evil guy at all -- but at one point in his career he burned to the ground a shanty town in Cleveland," said Fincher. "This was three or four years after The Untouchables. He was just like 27 when The Untouchables happened. He was really young."

"He sort of fashioned himself as a J. Edgar Hoover," added Fincher. "The bureau's image of Ness and how he stole some of their limelight is in there."

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