Arcana Studios' 'Paradox' Headed To Big Screen With Kevin Sorbo, Four Other Films Planned

'Paradox'We've got more movin' and shakin' going down in the world of comics-to-film, as this morning, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Legacy Filmworks, a Canadian production company, has partnered with comic publisher Arcana Studios and a production-finance group to produce a slate of five films based on some of Arcana's titles.

The first up to bat will be the science-fiction thriller "Paradox," which follows a homicide detective who finds himself in a parallel world ruled by magic, to which the detective brings a new aspect to investigation -- science. And the team-up of Arcana and Legacy Filmworks are already showing dividends -- tapping Kevin Sorbo as the lead in "Paradox," and hiring original comic series writer Christos Gage to take a crack at the screenplay (along with Ruth Fletcher Gage).

As far as future plans from the Arcana/Legacy partnership, they hope to get "Chopper" (the story of a vengeful headless biker) in production by January, and "Sundown" -- a Western vampire thriller -- moving by the following April. The conglomerate plans to announce future projects soon thereafter.

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