The Friday Back-Issue Bin: Dec. 15 - Dec. 19, 2008

Spider-ManIt's the Holiday Season here at Splash Page HQ, and being the giving sort, we had all kinds of presents for our readers this week -- at least as far as comics and movie news goes.

- Last weekend, we gave you one of the first reviews of the new "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" trailer, then gave you the full "Wolverine" trailer here with our breakdown of important scenes.

- Kenneth Branagh broke his silence about Marvel's upcoming "Thor" movie and confirmed that he was indeed directing the eagerly anticipated film.

- We got the lowdown on the new "Star Trek" prequel comic straight from the upcoming film's director, JJ Abrams.

- "The Dark Knight" was all over the news this week, from a record-breaking DVD and Blu-Ray debut and outrageous rumors about "Batman 3" casting, to award nominations and fan-created "Dark Knight" campaigns.

- Also of the rumor ilk, we heard about some potential big-name casting in "Iron Man 2," as well as some characters who could play a big role in the film.

- David Fincher got us up to speed on two of his upcoming projects that have comics fans buzzing: a new "Heavy Metal" film and an adaptation of Brian Bendis' "Torso."

- With the Holiday Season in full swing, we couldn't help but give you a roundup of the season's best holiday-themed comic book issues hitting the shelves of comic shops this year!

- Finally, we gave you a very early peek at the upcoming film "Push," which isn't based on comic, but sure seems like it! Director Paul McGuigan told us all about the film and gave us an exclusive preview, while we also got a sneak peek at the latest issue of the "Push" prequel comic.

So, there you have it, readers. And once you get up to speed, remember that there are only a few shopping days left before Christmas... so get your special someone(s) something nice, okay?