Stephen Chow No Longer Directing 'The Green Hornet'

Stephen ChowSeth Rogen's remake of "The Green Hornet" has just hit a snag, like all of the Hornet adaptations before it. According to Variety, it lost its director, Stephen Chow.

Chow will still play the role of Kato, but he has dropped out of directing due to creative differences. It's not clear if the differences were with its writers, Rogen and Evan Goldberg, or with the studio and producer Neal Moritz.

It's very possible that the differences arose over what tone the film is taking. Chow is known for his broad comedy, and given that funnyman Rogen is writing and starring in the film, it seemed obvious where this remake was going. Perhaps the plans have changed, and now a serious Green Hornet is in the works?

Easing back on the comedy would make a few fans happy, as no one attached to the original '60s series seems to be sold on Rogen's plans for the film. But many were excited by the idea of a slapstick 'Hornet.'

Maybe we'll know what kind of 'Hornet' we're getting when Chow's replacement is named. The hunt for that lucky person is on, and you may see the announcement before New Year's Eve. Columbia is planning a spring shoot, and is still aiming for its release date of June 25th, 2010.

MTV readers, do you want to see a comedic take on "The Green Hornet"? A serious one? Does Chow's departure affect your interest in seeing the film?