Evan Rachel Wood Dishes On 'Spider-Man: The Musical': 'A Man Does Not Sing In Spandex.'

Evan Rachel WoodWe've been hearing quite a bit lately about the love-it-or-hate-it "Spider-Man: The Musical" -- from news that it will be the most expensive Broadway production in history to Bono describing his score to the stage production as "a hallucinogenic experience for theatregoers" -- but little has been heard from Evan Rachel Wood, thus far the only cast member announced for the show.

That said, Sci Fi Wire recently caught up with Wood, and let's just say that her silence wasn't for lack of excitement about the musical. "I'm doing 'Spider-Man' on Broadway, starting in June," said Wood in the Sci Fi Wire story. "I'm really excited. It's Julie Taymor, who did 'The Lion King' on Broadway, and she's really kind of doing the same thing. [She] takes it to this whole other level. It's awesome! It's really spectacular. They're using new technology and wirework."

Meanwhile, Wood dropped plenty of hints about what fans can expect from the show.

"It will pull some things from the films, but it's based more on the comic book and the origin of Spider-Man," she said. "There's going to be old villains and new villains. Wait until you see the villains. I wish I could tell you who the villain is. There's one [new villain] that is more of a Greek mythology kind of thing."

And as far as seeing the Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler belting out showtunes while wearing the costume, "Spider-Man never sings in tights, only as Peter Parker," Wood said. "A man does not sing in spandex, so that was a big deal."

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