'The Phantom Legacy' Writer Tim Boyle Speaks: 'This Film Has Nothing To Do With The 1996 Movie'

The PhantomEarlier this week, we brought you news that an Australian production company had picked up the rights to the classic comic book character "The Phantom" in the hopes to reboot a possible film franchise under the title "The Phantom Legacy," and that Tim Boyle had been tapped to write the script. Since then, Boyle has taken to his blog to talk about the news, and the first thing he wants fans to do is forget all about the 1996 version of "The Phantom."

"There's one thing I need to set straight as the reporting is incorrect. This film is NOT a 'Sequel,'" Boyle said on his MySpace blog. "It is a 're-launch' or 're-boot' of the comic franchise to the big screen. This film has nothing to do with the 1996 movie. I wanted to clear this up as people keep asking me this same questions."

As far as details for the project which is clearly in the very early stages of development, Boyle said, "I've been researching The Phantom intensely for the last year or so and I've been working with the support of King Features Syndicate to try and bring you the tightest possible film. Yes, this is a new look at the comic book hero, but rest assured - He wont be 'heavily gadget man' [like Batman] and he wont be an 'angry mob killer' [like The Punisher]. He will be, without doubt 'The Phantom.' A man who has sworn an oath to protect - but at what cost?

"I'm not really taking a break over the holidays - 'tis the season to be writing," he continued. "Even if I could take a break, I'd still only be thinking of the flick."

However, on top of his staunch, anti-sequel stance, Boyle also took time to clarify that, at present, he has not signed on to direct "The Phantom Legacy."

"As far as directing goes, although it seems likely that this will eventuate (and obviously I hope it to be the case) I have not signed on as director yet (only as writer)," Boyle said in a recent interview with CineFOOLS.com. "Hopefully this will happen - but obviously a film with this sort of budget takes a lot of negotiation. To be honest though, my main concern at the moment is getting it right at the screenplay level. The rest I hope will follow suit."

What do you think of Boyle's comments? Would you have liked to see "The Phantom Legacy" serve as a sequel to the 1996 film, or is a revamp in order? State your case below.