Tokyopop's 'Priest' Lands Scott Charles Stewart As New Director

'Priest'A few years back, the internet lit up over news that "Priest" -- a manga series published by Tokyopop -- was on the fast track to production, complete with rumors that Gerard Butler was attached to star. However, somewhere along the way, the property fell by the wayside, and since then little has been heard regarding the horror/western.

However, The Hollywood Reporter has posted a story saying that "Priest" may once again be making moves towards production, as Scott Charles Stewart has been announced as the new director of the film (Andrew Douglass was originally attached to helm "Priest"). A former ILM staffer, Stewart is a relative newcomer to directing, currently working on his debut film, "Legion" -- a biblical apocalyptic thriller which he also wrote.

Set in the old west, "Priest" tells the story of a warrior priest who -- after his niece is kidnapped by a gang of bloodthirsty vampires -- leaves his calling to enlist in a centuries-long war between man and the undead monsters. The 16 volume book was created by Korean writer/artist Min-Woo, and has already spawned an online computer game in addition to this news of a feature film.

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