'The Dark Knight' Shatters DVD And Blu-ray Sales Records

'The Dark Knight'In a move that absolutely no one saw coming (and that line is dripping with sarcasm, folks), it looks as though "The Dark Knight" will continue its rep as a financial force to be reckoned with, as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has officially announced that sales of "The Dark Knight" on DVD and Blu-ray are already breaking records -- and it's only been a week since the movie hit store shelves!

According to the statement released by Warner Bros., Blu-ray sales alone have topped 1.7 million units, and total DVD and Blu-ray sales have hit 13.5 million units worldwide (including consumer and rental sales). Again, given that the film has been available for just over a week -- coupled with the fact that we're in the thick of holiday shopping season -- it's clear that we are witnessing "The Dark Knight" setting the bar in terms of DVD and Blu-ray sales, as it has already become the best selling DVD of 2008 (not to mention on iTunes).

In the statement released by the studio, which included all of the aforementioned sales figures, Warner Bros. also commented on the groundbreaking filming techniques used by director Christopher Nolan which gave fans a truly unique experience in terms of the transfer from IMAX to Blu-ray.

"'The Dark Knight' marks the first time that a major feature film has been shot in part using IMAX cameras, marking a revolutionary integration of film formats. 'The Dark Knight' Blu-ray disc takes advantage of the marriage of IMAX and 35mm formats by using the hybrid master to replicate the unique theatrical experience. The IMAX scenes are also included on the 2-disc Special Edition as bonus materials."

Do you already have your copy of "The Dark Knight" on DVD or Blu-ray? Or are you hoping someone will hook you up with it for the holidays? Talk to us in the comments.