'The Dark Knight' Oscar Campaign Gets Fan-Created 'For Your Consideration' Ads

'The Dark Knight'As we enter awards season, and now that Heath Ledger has been nominated for a Golden Globe, comic fans now wait with baited breath to see if The Academy will take notice of not only Ledger's jaw-dropping portrayal of The Joker, but if "The Dark Knight" will do the near-impossible and find itself among the "Best Picture" nominees.

We've already seen the "For Your Consideration" ads released by Warner Bros., but apparently that's not enough for some fans of the film who feel that it should be considered one of the best of the year, so they're making ads of their own -- and they might be even better than the official ones released by the studio.

(After the jump, check out some of products of the grassroots campaign to get "The Dark Knight" recognized for an Academy Award.)

'The Dark Knight' Fan Poster 1

'The Dark Knight' Fan Poster 2

What do you think of these fan made posters, and more importantly, what do you think "The Dark Knight"'s chances are for Oscar recognition?