EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: 'Push' Prequel Comics Hit Third Issue, We Have Your First Look

'PUSH' #3 CoverIn anticipation of February 2009's super-powered action thriller, "Push," the fine folks at Wildstorm Comics have offered Splash Page an exclusive first look at the next issue of their tie-in miniseries -- a prequel story written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, with art by Bruno Redondo.

"Push" tells the story of enhanced government operatives who possess varying types of psychic powers -- from implanting thoughts and moving objects to shape-shifting and the ability to generate high-powered sonics -- and the escaped agent and teenage girl who take on the shadowy "Division" that created them. Wildstorm's six-issue prequel tells the story of a secret war between government agencies that's about to begin, fought by these enhanced soldiers.

After the jump, get your first look at issue #3 of "Push" (on sale next week), and be sure to check back later today for an interview with "Push" director Paul McGuigan and some exclusive shots from the film.

In issue #3 of "Push," we find Ezra Lowe -- a solider with deadly psychic abilities -- on the run from the shadow government agency known as The Division. However, he soon learns that he's not the only former Division member with these special abilities. The action picks up immediately, as you can see from the preview below:

’PUSH’ #3 Cover’PUSH’ 3, pg 2’PUSH’ 3 pg 3
’PUSH’ 3 pg 4’PUSH’ 3 pg 5’PUSH’ 3 pg 6

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