More From Frank Miller On 'Sin City 2,' 'Hard Boiled' Development

'Sin City'As we reported earlier this week, these days, when it comes to Frank Miller, it seems that what the legendary comic artist/writer has coming up is just as exciting than his films that are currently hitting multiplexes.

Case in point, at a recent press junket for "The Spirit," MTV ventured into "upcoming film" territory, asking the on-the-rise director about the status of "Sin City 2," to which Miller replied, "I've written 'Sin City 2.' Its all written. Now we're just working out the mechanics of getting it there. Marv is in there and I hope it's Mickey Rourke. I've got my Ava, but I really don't want to talk about casting because it could end up being somebody else and I wouldn't want to insult her."

And while yesterday we delivered info on Miller's "Martha Washington" comic series and the rumored sequel to "300" and where those stand in terms of development, we also managed to get a bit of info on another of Miller's groundbreaking comic book works, "Hard Boiled," and if we'll ever see that hit the big screen.

"'Hard Boiled' is in development," said Miller, of his book which followed a grizzled android detective. "But being in development isn't the same as being on the marquee."

Excited to hear "Sin City 2" is moving right along? What do you think about the news that "Hard Boiled" is in development? Talk to us in the comments.