Bono On 'Spider-Man: The Musical': 'A Hallucinogenic Experience For Theatregoers'

Spider-ManSure, on the surface, Broadway musicals and comic books go together like Tony Stark and a six-pack of O'Doul's, but when you've got the musical miracle workers that are Bono and The Edge from U2 (who are co-writing "Spider-Man: The Musical"), fantastical funnybook magic can happen.

Hot on the heels of reports that Evan Rachel Wood had joined the cast to play Mary Jane Watson in the production, the U.K.'s Times Online published an extensive piece on "Spider-Man: The Musical," and how Broadway's current ticket sales slump may affect the show. However, we're gonna eschew the prevailing gloom-and-doom of that piece, and focus on what Bono had to say about his plans for the musical, which is reportedly gearing up to be the most expensive to ever run on NYC's Great White Way.

According to the Times piece, Bono says that the show will be "something the likes of which no one has seen or heard," and says the music will be "part punk rock and part opera."

“It should be a hallucinogenic experience for theatregoers,” he said in the report. “You have the visual energy brings. The myth of the arachnid and the elasticity of these characters — you can turn theatre upside down.”

As we've already mentioned here on Splash Page, "Spider-Man: The Musical" is set to move into the Hilton Theater on January 4 (once the current production of "Young Frankenstein" ends) and is expected to begin performances sometime in 2009. Julie Traymor will direct the show, and rumored to be joining Wood will be her "Across the Universe" co-star, Jim Sturgess, who will take on the role of Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man).

So, Splash Page readers -- still not convinced that "Spider-Man: The Musical" is worth checking out? Or are you slowly getting interested in Marvel's resident Web-Head making the jump to the stage? Talk about it in the comments.