Rachel Weisz To Star As Catwoman In 'Batman 3’?

Rachel WeiszAlright, readers, let's all take out our grains of salt because it looks like we've got ourselves yet another "The Dark Knight" sequel casting rumor making its way around the blogs.

Yesterday, E! Online not only reported that "Batman 3” is "alive and kicking -- definitely," but their unnamed Warner Bros. sources are also claiming that Rachel Weisz is being considered for the role of Catwoman (a much welcome departure from some of the more...unusual Catwoman casting rumors we've heard so far). The E! piece also reports that Christopher Nolan will be back to direct the follow-up to this past summer's box office champ, despite the fact that Nolan and other high level execs attached to the film have said that the fan-acclaimed writer/director is still weighing his options.

Now, far be it from us to start crazy casting rumors when it comes to the film darn-near every fanboy worth their longboxes is holding their breath waiting on any official word out of the Warner camp for, but if there's anything we can garner from this most recent casting speculation is that, hopefully, the rumors of Catwoman being a major villain in the follow-up to "Dark Knight" are true. Furthermore, if we may editorialize for a moment, Weisz would be a great option for the part, and is no stranger to the genre after her star turn in "Constantine" (based on Vertigo's flagship title, "Hellblazer"). But that's our take -- who do you think would be good for the role of Gotham's resident sultry cat burglar?

You know the drill, readers -- would you like to see this rumor come true, or is there another actress who'd pull of Catwoman better? Let's hear some chatter in the comments.