Director Stephen Norrington Set To Return To Film With Revamp Of 'The Crow'

'The Crow'It's beginning to look like "1990s Day" here at Splash Page -- over the past few hours, we've had mentions of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," news on a new film based on "The Phantom" (which hopes to one-up the 1996 Billy Zane flick), and now, according to Variety, it looks like the 1990's goth anti-hero, "The Crow," is headed back to Hollywood with "Blade" director, Stephen Norrington, set to write and direct.

While Variety points out that a "Crow" revamp is still in the very early stages of development -- basically noting that Norrington has signed on to write and direct, and that negotiations with producer Ed Pressman to acquire the franchise and to finance the film are underway -- the big news is Norrington's return to the medium since taking an extended sabbatical after the failure (as well as the rumored behind-the-scenes drama) of "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (which was also the last film made by it's star, Sean Connery).

According to the report from Variety, Norrington, "said he felt demoralized by that experience, and the accomplished sculptor spent the next five years writing and working on his art. He made a deal to direct 'Clash of the Titans' for Warner Bros., but left the project, he said, because he was 'unable to excite Warner Bros. with my take, or influence the screenplay to any comfortable extent.' That pic goes into production early next year with Louis Leterrier at the helm."

While the original 1994 version of "The Crow" became an underground comic book hit, grossing an estimated $100 million worldwide, what it is mostly remembered for is the tragic death of Brandon Lee, son of the legendary Bruce Lee, who was poised for stardom with "The Crow."

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