Exclusive 'Coraline' Alphabet Card: 'M' Is For Music... And MTV, Too!

'Coraline'Here at MTV, the letter "M" is pretty darn important. Whether it stands for music, movies or any other media that captures our attention, there's a good reason why that "M" is there -- and we'd like to think that's why Focus Features saw fit to offer Splash Page the exclusive debut of this particular "Alphabet Card" for their upcoming stop-animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "Coraline." (We've posted a larger version of the image after the jump.)

According to Focus, 25 other unique promotional cards will debut around the 'Net today, featuring various characters and elements from the film, and each one will be based on a different letter of the alphabet. A new website for "Coraline" also made its debut on the 'Tubes yesterday.

"Coraline" is the first stop-motion animated feature to be filmed entirely in 3-D and tells the story of a young girl who discovers a secret door to a perfect version of her world -- only to discover that the new world has some sinister and dangerous secrets. The film is based on the award-winning 2002 novella by Gaiman, which was also adapted into a graphic novel earlier this year.

Previously, we gave you a sneak peek at various images from "Coraline," as well as the latest "Coraline" trailer. We also brought you news about the project straight from "Coraline" director Henry Selick, and described some of the scenes from the film that were screened for MTV News. (Our writer declared the "Coraline" footage "warmly familiar, but at the same time unlike anything I had seen before.")

'Coraline' Alphabet Card

Featuring the voices of Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher and Ian McShane, "Coraline" hits theaters February 6.

What do you think about "Coraline" thus far, readers? Have you read Neil Gaiman's book? Are you ready for stop-animation features in 3-D?