'Star Trek' Director J.J. Abrams Drops Hints About IDW's 'Countdown' Prequel Comic

'Star Trek' Prequel ComicOver at the MTV Movies Mothership, we've been all over J.J. Abrams' upcoming "Star Trek" flick like Spock at a strip club (during Pon'far, of course). And while we've been delivering the latest breaking news and videos from the franchise revamp, one thing that we've been dying to hear more about is the upcoming IDW prequel comic, "Star Trek: Countdown," and Abrams was more than happy to give us a bit of insight.

"Well, we all sort of came up with the broader strategy together, and Alex and Bob have been much more hands on as I’ve been working on locking the movie, and now mixing the movie," said Abrams in regards to his involvement with the comic. "As Bob is the resident Trekker, he’s been sort of overseeing the comic book more than I have."

However, one thing that peaked the interest of most die-hard Trekkies was the inclusion of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" characters Captain Picard and Data on the promo image that made the rounds recently, leading to speculation that they'll have involvement in the upcoming movie.

When asked about this, Abrams decided to take the vague route.

"I think you just have to see that the key is this world, this universe, is not disconnected from what’s come before."

(And be sure to click on the image below to check out the all new banner from "Star Trek!")

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