'Watchmen' Star Carla Gugino On The Look Of Sally Jupiter, The Original Silk Spectre

Sally Jupiter in 'Watchmen'Even before she joined the Minutemen, the original group of crimefighters in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' groundbreaking graphic novel "Watchmen," Sally Jupiter enjoyed being a costumed hero. Actress Carla Gugino, who plays Sally Jupiter in Zack Snyder's big-screen adaptation of "Watchmen," told MTV that she's pretty fond of playing the superhero, too -- even if her character's best days are behind her.

"We have a couple of flashbacks where we see her in her heyday as a costumed crime fighter, but they're more like photographs," said Gugino. "But it's cool to be in a movie about superheroes where this character kind of isn't one anymore. She really adds a totally different dimension to the piece, which I loved in the graphic novel."

While Sally Jupiter's traumatic experience during the early days of her Minutemen membership and subsequent relationship troubles with her crime-fighting daughter (as played by Malin Ackerman) tempered her enthusiasm for playing superhero, the job wasn't without its perks. Gugino told MTV that one of her favorite aspects of the role was the chance to become a poster girl for the early days of the superhero scene. -- particularly the chance to become an Alberto Vargas-style pin-up girl.

"That was so fun, because I'm obsessed with Vargas," Gugino told MTV. "They had this idea where we came in and did all of these great old Vargas poses and they painted a Vargas-style painting. There's also a moment when Sally Jupiter's character was painted by Norman Rockwell, so we wanted those kind of great, iconic images."

"I just love that stuff," added Gugino. "Physically I'm more from that time anyways, so it was cool."

Here's one of those Vargas-inspired portraits of Sally Jupiter, The Silk Spectre, that actress Carla Gugino mentioned in her chat with MTV. For more on her character, be sure to check out this "Watchmen" video featurette, too.

Sally Jupiter of 'Watchmen'

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