EXCLUSIVE: Details of 'Dragonball' Reshoots Revealed, Cast Member Jamie Chung Talks Sequels

Jamie Chung as Chi Chi in 'Dragonball'Not long after the first trailer for “Dragonball” underwhelmed the internet, our friends over at Cinematical discovered that Fox was scheduling reshoots for the big-screen adaptation of the wildly popular anime/manga, presumably to fix a bunch of scenes that looked awful in the teaser.

Half true, “Dragonball” actress Jamie Chung told MTV News. They are only re-shooting ONE scene. One very big, very important scene.

“I think it’s just one scene that they’re gonna have to reshoot and it’s the end fight,” Chung said of what they were re-tooling. “I fortunately will not have to go back. I think it’s the big fight between Justin Chatwin and James Marsters.”

That would be between hero Goko and villain Lord Piccolo, names that sound vaguely dirty but apparently aren’t. Chung, on the other hand, plays Chi Chi, which doesn’t sound dirty but is. Got all that? Good, me neither.

“Like, ok, Chi Chi. I heard rumors [that] each character is named based off a fruit. So I was being interviewed by this guy from Japan, and I was like, ‘Is it true? Is Chi Chi a name for a Japanese fruit?’ He was like, ‘No…it’s kinda like an international saying for…’ ‘Oh right, boobs!’” Chung laughed of the unintentional comedy of her character’s name. “There’s no way around it! We shot it in Mexico so my trailer said Chi Chi. It’s a name I can’t seem to shake.”

She’s going to have to get used to it. According to Chung, sequels are already planned for the anime adaptation, with all the main actors signed on for multiple projects.

“We’re signed on for two more,” she said. “Hopefully, I hope the movie does well. There’s lots of places that Fox wants to go with this.”

And you? Underwhelmed by what we’ve seen so far? Or have high hopes for this monster property? Sound off on your thoughts below.