'Wanted' Video Game Developer Explains Movie-Game Pitching, Development Process

'Wanted: Weapons of Fate'The crew over at Multiplayer, MTV's mecca for all things gaming, have posted a pair of articles about the upcoming "Wanted: Weapons of Fate" video game based on this summer's big-screen adaptation of the 2003-04 Top Cow graphic novel by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones. The third-person shooter game is scheduled for release early next year, and from what our Multiplayer colleagues have seen of it thus far (and the various trailers we've seen around the 'Net) , it looks to be one of those rare movie-based games that ends up being, well... pretty darn good.

While chatting up Ulf Andersson, director of the "Wanted" game and co-founder of game developer GRIN, Multiplayer received a frank response regarding the movie-game pitching process and how it works -- at least as far as the "Wanted" game was concerned, that is.

“They [Universal Studios] pitched us the game,” said Andersson. “It’s not like we came [and said] ‘oh, can we do ‘Wanted’ for you?’ They come to us, they present the script before the movie is made. Basically, you sit around with them, you read it and you go…this, this and that could make good gameplay elements. And then you have to ask yourself ‘Does it have a good story? Does it have anything unique about it?’”

Andersson later added some thoughts about competition both in- and outside the gaming scene. You can read the full text of these conversations with Andersson over at MTV's Multiplayer Blog.

Of course, with "Wanted 2" in the works, one can't help but wonder when the talks will begin for its video-game sequel, too.

Looking forward to "Wanted: Weapons of Fate"? Think it can break the curse of games based on movies? Sound off in the comment section!