Frank Miller Says 'Sin City 2’ Could Begin Filming In April

Frank MillerYesterday, Mickey Rourke told MTV that he and Frank Miller are both ready for "Sin City 2" -- and now it looks like they're in agreement on that, too. IGN had the opportunity to chat with Miller about the sequel to the 2005 adaptation of his graphic novel -- a project on which he shared director credit with Robert Rodriguez and which set the stage for his upcoming solo directorial debut with "The Spirit."

"Sin City 2 is written," said Miller, confirming the longstanding report that a draft of the film is indeed in the hands of Rodriguez. "It's mainly a matter of working out the details of the production. I'm hoping to do it with Robert Rodriguez again in the same circumstances that we did the first one, and we could be shooting as soon as April."

While it should warm the hearts of comic book fans to know that the "Sin City" sequel is that close to kicking off, the key term in that statement is probably Miller's assertion that he'd like to work with Rodriguez "in the same circumstances" as the previous film. Rodriguez severed ties with the Directors Guild of America in order to give Miller co-director credit for "Sin City," and the controversial move could be one of the primary reasons "Sin City 2" remains in limbo thus far.

Miller couldn't offer up any insight regarding the plot of the sequel or any of characters likely to return, but fans can take heart in the fact that the project certainly seems to alive and kicking, at the very least.

What stories do you think they should use for "Sin City 2"? Any specific characters you'd like to see again?