Bryan Singer On 'Superman' Sequel: 'I Am Not Officially Involved In Talks.'

Bryan SingerThere are certain topics that manage to perk up the ears of fanboys regardless if anything's actually being said -- "Will Christopher Nolan return for the follow-up to 'The Dark Knight?'" or "Is Josh Brolin on for a 'Jonah Hex' movie?" -- and one of these topics has to be whether or not Bryan Singer will return to direct the sequel to "Superman Returns."

Regardless of the fact that Singer has a new film coming out this Christmas ("Valkyrie," starring Tom Cruise), it seems like every time someone interviews him, there's an unwritten rule that says the topic of "Superman" must be addressed. Case in point, in an exclusive interview with's Movie Blog, the director is asked if there's been any movement on the next "Superman" film, and more specifically, if he's involved in the talks. As usual, Singer remains quiet.

"I love Superman and I can not tell you anything else," said Singer. When pressed if he's been involved with in any discussions with Warner Bros., Singer rather cryptically answered, "I am not officially involved in the talk, no. I have relationships with Warner Bros. and with the character and, and, and it's just the way things work out."

Singer's most recent comments regarding a return to the "Superman" franchise echoes what he said to MTV last November, saying that talks have been stalled and that he had no comment about his status within the production. Clearly, a follow-up to "Superman Returns" is in a state of limbo, but rest assured that your faithful Splash Pagers will deliver you news on this as soon as we hear something.

"Superman" fans, speak up. Do you think Singer should get another chance to make "Superman" fly, or would the Man of Steel be better off with a new direction? Talk it up in the comments.