'Punisher: War Zone' Director Talks Costume & Controversy, Hints At Future Comics Projects

Lexi Alexander"Punisher: War Zone" director Lexi Alexander is all over the Internet this week, and like her film that opens on Friday, she's not pulling any punches. We've reported on the variety of troubles -- rumored and actual -- that the latest iteration of "Punisher" has had in getting to the screen, and now that Alexander's become available to the press, she took advantage of the opportunity to clear up some of the confusion and comment on both Ray Stevenson's Punisher costume and the next comics property she could be taking on.

"I never was going to take my name off the film," Alexander told SciFi Wire when asked about the rumors that she'd severed ties with the film due to disagreements with Lionsgate Studio.

Of the various other problems -- or rumors of problems -- that plagued the film this year, Alexander hinted that her experience with Lionsgate certainly wasn't ideal, but attributed the bulk of the negative buzz to the echo chamber of online outlets for movie news.

"I think that each Internet site that took it on brought it to a new level," said Alexander of the initial, ambiguous report by AICN's Harry Knowles that there was trouble with the project, which spread like wildfire around the 'Net.

Along with commenting on the "Punisher" ratings controversy and some of her creative differences with the studio, Alexander also told SciFi that she doesn't anticipate doing a Marvel movie in the future because the studio is "focusing a lot on PG stuff and PG-13." She added that she has been sent a mysterious "Dark Horse property," as well as "something I'm really interested in from a company called Radical Comics." The director was conspicuously mum on the subject of her rumored consideration for a "Jonah Hex" movie, however.

"They're a new company on the street. I love them," said Alexander of Radical Comics. "I think they have great stuff, so I'm going to meet with them and discuss their properties."

Meanwhile, Alexander continued to dish on "Punisher: War Zone" over at SuperHeroHype, who asked the director about the involvement of some of Punisher's best-known creators, including cover artist Tim Bradstreet (he receives a nod in the film via one of the final set pieces: The "Brad Street Hotel"), and the decision to go with a more military look for the character instead of the spandex superhero attire.

"First of all, Ray isn't the type of actor who says 'yes' to a spandex movie, and I didn't want him in spandex. It would've been weird," Alexander told SuperHeroHype. "So we definitely said we wanted to go more the military route. We had to deal with the skull. I didn't want it too bright. I see now some fans are saying, 'Oh, I wished it would've been brighter.' Personally, I thought it was silly, it almost looked a little bit pre-schoolish to me to have that skull so bright."

"Punisher: War Zone" opens Friday, December 5.

What do you think about Lexi Alexander's "Punisher" experience? Think she made the right call on the skull costume? What about her next project -- where would you like to see her go?