UPDATED: New 'Watchmen' Movie Game Announced For Mobile Electronics

'Watchmen'We've already seen images from the "Watchmen: The End is Nigh" video game, but now we're told that there will be a "Watchmen" option for the mobile-phone gaming set, too. Glu Mobile, who previously announced they'd be developing and publishing a mobile game based on "The Dark Knight," will be doing the same for "Watchmen" -- another Warner Bros. property.

Details regarding the "Watchmen" mobile game are scarce at the moment, but according to Glu's official announcement, the game will "launch worldwide in conjunction with the film’s U.S. premiere in March 2009."

However, as we previously reported, Glu's "Dark Knight" mobile game is only available for customers of Verizon wireless services. Whether the same will prove true for "Watchmen" is unknown at this point. [UPDATE: Glu Mobile has contacted MTV to tell us that "the game is not exclusive to Verizon, it will actually be on all carriers." - RM] The final line of Glu's announcement -- that the "Watchmen" game will be "supported by a suite of personalization content" -- seems to indicate that themes and various other "Watchmen"-related customization options will accompany the game.

"Like the film, the mobile game will engage long-time fans of the novel, as well as those who are getting to know Watchmen for the first time," stated Jill Braff, Glu Mobile's senior vice president of global publishing.

Along with mobile games for "Watchmen" and "The Dark Knight," Glu has developed and published games based on several other licenses comics fans might find interesting, including "Superman/Batman: Heroes United," "Speed Racer" and "Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rescue."

Looking forward to getting "Watchmen" on your phone? Think all of this is a bit, well... too much? Sound off in the comment section!