EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: 'Farscape' Creator Rockne O'Bannon Brings Series Back -- As A Comic Book

'Farscape' #1For fans of the cult favorite sci-fi television show "Farscape," which ended its four-year run on the Sci-Fi Channel in 2003, the adventure is about to begin again -- or rather, pick up where it left off. Series creator Rockne O’Bannon has returned to world of “Farscape” to continue the story, not as a television series, but as a four-issue comic book miniseries due out December 24 from Boom Studios.

Plotted by O’Bannon and scripted by "Farscape" novelist Keith R. A. DeCandido, the new comic will explore the events that take place immediately after the 2004 television miniseries “Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars,” a four-hour finale that changed the status quo of the “Farscape” universe dramatically.

“The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series was designed to be a grand and fitting climax to the ‘Farscape’ saga, in case that was as far as it went. But it also left the door open for further adventures if that ever became a possibility,” says O’Bannon. “When the opportunity to return to the ‘Farscape’ universe with all new stories in a Boom Studios comic series became available, it was wildly exciting.”

Compared to the high expense of special effects in television, working in the comic book medium actually allows him more creative freedom, says O’Bannon. “The very things that appealed so much -- the far ranging stories and locales, the variety of exotic alien species, the feature-quality visual effects -- weren't cheap. But by transferring our story telling to the graphic world… we're able to go even bigger than we ever could in the television series.”

And although there are new adversaries in store for John Crichton as his adventures continue, O’Bannon adds that we shouldn’t count out his former nemesis Scorpius just yet, despite their apparent détente. “Let's just say Scorpius isn't the sort of guy who's going to join AARP and spend his days playing Tardek.”

The comic will also explore some unexpected consequences of Crichton’s decision in “Peacekeeper Wars” to prevent a war by threatening the warring parties with an apocalyptic wormhole weapon. “Crichton was forced into the ultimate ‘end justifies the means’ decision,” says O’Bannon. “It worked to forestall a massive war, so to many he was a hero. To others, however, perhaps the end didn't justify the means -- and some of those who feel this way may prove very surprising!”

In addition to the comic, O’Bannon and Farscape executive producer Brian Henson will also be writing a series of ten “Farscape” webisodes for SciFi.com, whose stories will intertwine with the plot of the comic. “There's a new character that you'll meet in the very first comic book who ends up a significant player in the webisodes. Villain or hero? I’m not saying!” teases O’Bannon.

Both the comic and the webisodes will be part of the “Farscape” canon, according to O’Bannon, who says he wants to keep the series alive in some form as long as fans are interested. He also sees the potential for the comic and webisodes to spur a return to television, and perhaps even a leap to film: “Certainly keeping the ‘Farscape’ saga alive via the comic book series and the webisodes keeps the title fresh… [and] the epic scale of storytelling we're able to achieve on the comic book page clearly suggests what the ‘Farscape’ experience would be like on the big screen.”

Regardless, O’Bannon promises that anyone eager for more of the fan-favorite show will find what they’re looking for in the new Boom miniseries. “If you loved ‘Farscape’ and want to see what happens next, then the comic will certainly fulfill that jones.”

Now, check out this exclusive, six-page preview of "Farscape" #1, as well as the three covers to the premiere issue, courtesy of Boom Studios. And remember, the issue hits shelves on December 24!

'Farscape' Issue #1, Cover A'Farscape' Issue #1, Cover B'Farscape' Issue #1, Cover C
'Farscape' Issue #1, Page #1'Farscape' Issue #1, Page #2'Farscape' Issue #1, Page #3
'Farscape' Issue #1, Page #4'Farscape' Issue #1, Page #5'Farscape' Issue #1, Page #6

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