'Iron Man 2’ Screenwriter Insists Theme Of Sequel Will Be Identity

'Iron Man 2'It came out of nowhere to surprise us all, and led in no small part to making Robert Downey Jr. the actor MTV News was most thankful for this year. But now that “Iron Man 2” is already full-steam ahead, what can or should be improved from the first film?

“I’m sure Rob would have a million answers!” screenwriter Justin Theroux exclaimed when we brought the question to him (And Downey certainly did have some "Iron Man 2" answers for us.)

As for Theroux himself, however, the biggest difference, he says, won’t necessarily be an improvement, but a total paradigm shift in dealing with Tony Stark.

Which may or may not turn out to be, you know, better.

“The obvious thing to improve upon -- well, it’s not even an improvement it’s just something to embrace -- which is that he’s now a hero that lives in the real world. That’s unique,” Theroux said of Stark’s earth-shattering revelation at the end of the first film that he was Iron Man, making him the first-ever cinematic super without a secret identity.

It’s not a small distinction. There is a line between Clark Kent and Superman, or say, Bruce Wayne and Batman. You could even argue about both that one identity is the “real” one. There no longer is that line with Tony, which means, well, something big.

For his part, Theroux isn’t ready to talk specifics, but says the nature of his identity is something that’s going to be a monumental part of the second film.

“Yeah, it’s something that we’ve made a real decision to run towards rather than away from,” he said.

What do you think? How would you like the not so secret secret identity thing to play out in “Iron Man 2”? Sound off on your thoughts below.

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