New Details Emerge About 'Watchmen' Running Time, Director's Cut & 'Black Freighter' Plans

'Watchmen'The final length of the theatrical version of "Watchmen" isn't quite finalized, but director Zack Snyder and producer Deborah Snyder are getting close, the husband-and-wife team recently told SciFi Wire. Further, while the director's cut of the film has been finalized (around a hefty 3 hours, 10 minutes), there are plans for a "hardcore" version of "Watchmen" that will integrate the "Tales of the Black Freighter" animated comic with the live-action film, according to the duo.

"We're getting really close," said Deborah. "We're at two hours and 35 minutes [for the theatrical cut]."

Along with sharing some details on their progress cutting the film down to theater length (Snyder's previous directorial project, "300," came in just under 2 hours), the director shared some details about his plans for integrating the "Black Freighter" animated feature with the live-action "Watchmen" film.

In the "Watchmen" graphic novel, "Black Freighter" is a comic-within-a-comic tale of a shipwrecked seaman who is desperate to get home before a pirate ship arrives on his family's shores, and is read by one of the characters throughout the story. It provides a constant comparative element to the goings-on in the overarching superhero story, and Zack Snyder previously announced he'd be filming an animated version of "Black Freighter" to be released as a companion DVD to the film.

"The 'Black Freighter' version of the movie that we're working on--which has the ins and outs of the Black Freighter comic book woven through it, with an animated version of the Black Freighter--will be about three hours and 40 minutes," explained Zack. "So there's a huge epic version of 'Watchmen,' which will probably come out after the movie's theatrical release, for hardcore [fans]."

Four hours of "Watchmen"? Now that really is impressive.

Is the Snyders' attention to the graphic novel making you more eager for "Watchmen" to hit theaters? Is it even possible to be more eager for this film? Sound off in the comment section!