Could 'Punisher: War Zone' Director Lexi Alexander's Next Gig Be 'Jonah Hex?'

Jonah HexWith the ultra-brutal "Punisher: War Zone" set to open this weekend, director Lexi Alexander -- for better or for worse -- is poised to become a household name among comic book fans. And if a post up on the Australian is to be believed, Hollywood has already taken notice.

According to an interview with the site, Alexander revealed that, based on "Punisher," she is now being offered numerous comic book adaptations, specifically among them, "Jonah Hex," which has been making a lot of noise lately around the blogs. While the on-the-rise director Alexander is quick to admit that she is just one of several directors in the running for the job, she did say that she's currently reviewing the script written by former directors/screenwriters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, and says that the chance to work with Josh Brolin -- even though the actor hasn't 100% committed to the project yet -- is the real draw for her.

As mentioned, "Hex" has been a hot topic as of late, mostly centered around behind-the-scenes turmoil between the studio and the former directing team of Neveldine and Taylor, and the "is he in or not?" statements made by Brolin recently. While Alexander has made mention that, after "Punisher," she has no real desire to jump back into the comic flick pool, the chance to work with Brolin is an opportunity that she wouldn't likely pass up.

Do you think Alexander would be a good choice for a "Hex" flick? Do all the reports about behind-the-scenes turmoil have you worried that this film's headed for trouble? Talk it up in the comments, pardners!