New 'Punisher: War Zone' Interactive Comic Book Debuts Online

'Punisher: War Zone'With the Friday premiere of "Punisher: War Zone" just days away, Lionsgate has created an "interactive comic book" to whet fans' appetites for the new, ultraviolent take on Marvel's favorite vigilante. Promising a final chapter that leads directly into the film, the multimedia promo features audio, video and photos from "Punisher: War Zone," including yet another peek at Dominic West as Jigsaw and Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher.

While the "interactive" element of the comic book is a bit troublesome to navigate at first (you might need to tweak your computer's display settings in order to see/hear all of the elements), it does provide a nice introduction to the vibe of the film and this version of his backstory.

Oh, and just in case you missed all of the hub-bub during the film's production, the "interactive comic book" serves up a nice reminder that there will be no popsicle-stick torture scenes for this Punisher -- it's all explosions, gunfire and blood-soaked brawls for "War Zone."

The Punisher's one-man war against crime blazes into theaters December 5, and is directed by Lexi Alexander.

Have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to "Punisher: War Zone"? Looking forward to Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle? Let us know in the comment section!