Has Warner Bros. Canceled 'The Dark Knight' IMAX Re-Release? UPDATED: No, They Haven't.

'The Dark Knight'UPDATE: According to Warner Bros. executives, the IMAX re-release of "The Dark Knight" is indeed still on. Cue the sigh of relieved fanboys.

For those of you out there who missed the chance to catch "The Dark Knight" while it was owning IMAX theaters around the globe this summer, the news that Warner Bros. was planning to re-release the film in select IMAX theaters this January as a last-ditch effort to get it noticed by The Academy must've been music to your ears.

If you're in that camp (or if you were hoping to catch this summer's box office king one last time on the gigantic screen), well, we hate to break it to you, but the IMAX re-release has been officially axed, according to a report on SuperHeroHype.com. While the report makes note that the there's no official word as to whether or not the film will find its way back to regular theaters, the news is definitely a bummer to "Dark Knight" fans who were looking forward to some post-holiday pencil-disappearing fun.

Furthermore, with the total box office returns for "The Dark Knight" gradually leveling off at $996.1 million worldwide, the re-release would've easily pushed the film's total gross over the billion-dollar mark. So it seems, for the time being, that fans will just have to make due with the various special editions of "The Dark Knight" DVD hitting stores next week.

Are you disappointed that "The Dark Knight" won't be making it back to IMAX theaters?