New 'The Spirit' Featurette, Three International TV Trailers Debut Online

And the marketing juggernaut for this Christmas' "The Spirit" continues to tear through the Internet like a tornado through a trailer park, as yet another featurette for the Frank Miller-directed superhero flick hit the tubes today.

In this, the third featurette from Lionsgate hyping "The Spirit," we get an in depth look at one of the main "characters" of the upcoming film that hasn't been getting too much attention as of yet -- the setting of the film, Central City. We also hear from the film's set designers on the unique look of the film, or as producer Deborah Del Prete so eloquently puts it, the "contemporary noir" feel of "The Spirit." Check it out below...

THE SPIRIT - Exclusive Featurette

After the jump, we've got the three brand-spankin'-new international TV spots which will no doubt see heavy rotation leading up the the flick's December 25 release.

What do you say, readers? Are you enjoying the behind-the-scenes featurettes for "The Spirit" so far? Let's her some chatter in the comments.