'Iron Man 2’ Screenwriter Justin Theroux Confesses There Is No Dialogue With Other Marvel Writers

'Iron Man'If it wasn’t already, Robert Downey Jr’s recent comments to MTV News make one thing abundantly clear: As the flag bearers and gold standard for Marvel movies, the team behind “Iron Man” feels a great responsibility, not just to their own upcoming sequel, but to other Marvel properties as well.

So now that the “Narnia” duo of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have been tapped to pen “Captain America,” it’s a sure bet Downey, Favreau, and screenwriter Justin Theroux are burning through phone cards trying to connect. Right?

Wrong, said Theroux, who told MTV News that there was absolutely no dialogue between other Marvel writers and himself. None.

“You know, there’s NO dialogue right now - in a great way,” the scripter confessed. “I think [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige just wants to make sure we can make the best movie that we can make.”

What that means for now is that while Theroux is certain “Iron Man 2” will have even more comic cross-overs (perhaps Thor, perhaps Giant Man, perhaps someone else), he’s insistent he hasn’t yet been burdened with having to be the one to connect them all together – not even when it comes to the superhero tag-team up “Avengers.”

“No, not yet. But that being said, Kevin is in all the meetings for all the movies, and is the sort of connective tissue – the neurons if you will – running between the meetings. Making sure all the things can be connected,” Theroux explained. “But they haven’t burdened us with that yet. We’ve obviously kept an ear out for it, and we’re looking for ways to write that don’t bump [heads]. Once we sort of get to a more stable place at that point, we’ll see where to go from there.

“It’s not like someone holding the back of our necks saying, ‘Don’t forget, you got to write about so and so,’” Theroux continued. “It’s just making sure we get our story straight and great and then once that happens then we’ll be able to take in other obligations.”

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