Marvel Entertainment Teams Up With Music Publisher Cherry Lane For Upcoming Films

'Avengers'Now that we've seen Marvel's schedule of upcoming films and creative team announcements begin trickling in, it probably makes sense that we're seeing the Merry Marvel Movie team devote some attention to the look-and-feel aspects of their future projects.

So it's not a huge surprise that according to a press release, Marvel has arranged a long-term deal with Cherry Lane Music Publishing to manage the music element of the comics company's film and television projects -- a deal that will include music administration for both the highly anticipated Marvel movies like "The Avengers, " as well as TV series like "Wolverine and the X-Men."

But what does this mean for the comics crowd?

Well, it's likely that we'll see quite a bit of Marvel's big- and small-screen soundtracks stocked with music performed by artists Cherry Lane represents or has some relationship with, which include such mainstream acts as Black Eyed Peas, Elvis and John Legend, as well as more indie fare like Wolfmother. But as the crew over at The Playlist point out, "It's not like they just have to pick from their roster, but if you see one or two of them pop up in a Marvel movie, well don't be completely shocked or outraged."

Cherry Lane already has a relationship with a few other major studios and media developers, including DreamWorks Pictures, the Weinstein Co., Lakeshore Entertainment and Walden Media, and their full roster of songwriters and composers is available at the publisher's website.

What do you think about Marvel's movie music machinations? Let us know with your comments!

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