'The Dark Knight' DVD Special Features Leaked To The Web

'The Dark Knight'For those of us out there who simply can not wait for the December 9 release of "The Dark Knight" on DVD and Blu-ray, Italian website BadTaste.it were invited to a special screening of the DVD and given exclusive permission to post six clips of the special features on their site.

As we've previously mentioned, "The Dark Knight" will be available on DVD and Blu-ray, and for you hardcore Bat-fans out there, you'll definitely want to grab the special edition sets which boasts over three hours of special features, six episodes of "Gotham Tonight" (Gotham City's premiere news program, natch), Joker cards, concept and poster art, production stills and Best Buy is offering two store exclusive sets which include either a Batman mask, a Joker mask and will also make available two limited edition statuettes of Batman and the Joker.

Adding to this news, it will be interesting to see if summer '08 will replay itself as "Iron Man" and The Dark Knight" once again go toe-to-toe -- this time on the DVD shelves. Given the reports that "Iron Man" has been setting Blu-ray sales records, will "The Dark Knight" manage to further its dominance in the 2008 superhero film battle, or will ol' Shellhead come out on top in this round? We'll find out soon enough.

Are you planning on picking up one of the special edition DVDs of "The Dark Knight?" Do you care about the special features, or do you just care about the movie itself? Talk it up in the comments.