New Holiday-Themed 'The Spirit' Trailer: 'This Christmas, It's Time To Believe In Heroes'

'The Spirit'"The Spirit" continues to campaign for this year's Christmas audiences with a new TV spot that just hit the 'Net -- and which you're likely to see quite a bit of in the days to come. Yahoo Movies has the new promo in standard and high-definition video, which proclaims, "This Christmas, It's Time To Believe In Heroes."

While the new spot doesn't appear to include any new footage, it does continue to use versions of popular holiday music to push the film's December 25 release -- an aspect that prompted us to chat with the musicians behind the last trailer, August Burns Red, about their contribution to the film. As the film's release date looms ever larger, we've seen a flurry of hype for the much-discussed (and much-debated) solo directorial debut of comics creator Frank Miller, including the final "The Spirit" promo poster and our MTV-exclusive "Women of 'The Spirit'" featurette that debuted on "Spoilers."

"The Spirit" tells the story of detective Denny Colt, who mysteriously returns from the dead to fight crime in his home of Central City. The film is based on the classic series by comics legend Will Eisner.

What do you think about the new trailer, readers? Eager for "The spirit" to hit theaters?