Simon Furman Talks 'Terminator: Revolution' And Timelines -- We Have Your Exclusive Preview

'Terminator: Revolution' #1Demand has never been higher for killer cyborgs. Between Fox's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" television series and Warner Bros.' upcoming "Terminator: Salvation" starring Christian Bale, the cyborgs are taking over -- and comics are no exception.

This December, Dynamite Entertainment's "Terminator: Revolution" five-issue series, written by Simon Furman with art by Lui Antonio, puts the Connors back on the run... and MTV has your first look at the new series.

The follow-up to Furman's "Terminator: Infinity" miniseries, "Revolution" takes readers to the year 2015, when John Connor's human resistance movement is preparing to take down the world-dominating artificial intelligence Skynet once and for all. Things don't go as planned, however, and Skynet sends Terminators across time to devastate Connor and effectively end human resistance.

Because the story hops between three eras, Furman said he took extra care to avoid contradicting plot elements and paradoxes - including story elements from the "Terminator" movies.

"I even drew up a huge timeline-location-character map while I was writing 'Revolution,' with arrows tracking back and forth all over it, to make sure I was aware of everything and everyone, and that all of them paid off in a logical fashion. And it worked… I think," said Furman.

In addition, the series introduces a new breed of Terminator called a Dire Wolf, which Furman says lives up to the Terminator universe's definition of a, "Hunter-Killer."

"That’s exactly what it does, to the exclusion of all else. And given that it resembles a very big, entirely feral dog, it looks the part too!" said Furman. "Not only does the Dire Wolf hunt in a straightforward linear fashion, it can scent and track its prey across time. This one really does ‘never give up.’"

Despite the comic series' new spin on Terminator mythology, given the alternative storylines on TV and in the upcoming film, "Revolution" remains rooted in continuity from the original film trilogy.

"The original trio of movies was very much our launching pad, and yeah, I did think of 'Infinity' as kind of ‘Terminator 4.’ If only my version," said Furman.

And while Furman says it's become impossible to unite all of the Terminator strands into one cohesive story, he's certainly keeping up with the franchise.

"I’ve really enjoyed 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and from what I’ve seen and read about 'Salvation' it looks to be a dark and character-led drama, rather than simply a blockbuster action movie, which I think bodes well," said Furman. "It’s interesting that they’ve gone the post-'Judgment Day' route so wholeheartedly. I really hope it does well, because I really want more sequels. Just… more Terminator, really!"

Click on the thumbnails below for an exclusive preview of colored pages from issue #1 of "Terminator: Revolution," featuring a story by Simon Furman, interior art by Lui Antonio and a cover by Richard Isanove.

'Terminator: Revolution' Cover'Terminator: Revolution' Page 1'Terminator: Revolution' Page 2
'Terminator: Revolution' Page 3'Terminator: Revolution' Page 4'Terminator: Revolution' Page 5

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