Will Bryan Singer Return To The 'Superman' Movie Franchise? MTV Asks Him Point Blank

Bryan SingerFROM MTV.COM: These days -- for better or for worse -- the name Bryan Singer is synonymous with "Superman." While there still remains a loud majority that blame him for the debatable failure of "Superman Returns," there's still a small, equally vocal contingent who've praised his vision of DC Comics' Man of Steel and want to see him return to the franchise.

That being said, love him or hate him, there's one question that comic movie fans across the board wanna know -- will Singer be returning to Metropolis to helm the sequel to "Superman Returns?" And MTV Movies asked him this point blank in an exclusive interview.

"At the moment I can’t really talk about that," said Singer. "I wish I could. From my perspective I’m going to take a brief pause. ["Valkyrie"] has taken a long time so I’m going to take a pause. A movie like that takes some time to do right. That’s all I can say about that."

So while the director remains quiet on the subject for now, he did relate a funny story about a lunch meeting with "The Dark Knight" director, Christopher Nolan. To read all about it, head over to MTV.com for the full interview.