EXCLUSIVE: Zack Snyder Takes Us Through The Dark Side On The 'Watchmen' Set

"Iron Man" dealt with the dangers of terrorism and what can happen when high-tech weaponry falls into the wrong hands. "The Dark Knight" showed exactly what can happen when someone who thrives on chaos is allowed to run roughshod in society. "Wolverine," "The Spirit" and "Punisher: War Zone" -- yeah, let's just say we're not expecting happy endings with those films either.

All that said, "Watchmen" is gonna make those films look like "Snow White" on Prozac. Bank on it.

Better yet, don't take our word for it -- check out the video below which premiered on "Spoilers" tonight. In it, director Zack Snyder takes us on a tour of 1977 Manhattan and explains that, when it comes to "dark" subject matter, Batman's got nothin' on the Watchmen!

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