EXCLUSIVE: New 'Watchmen' Photos Unveiled!

Today is a good day to be a "Watchmen" fan, as tonight's MTV "Spoilers" features brand-new behind-the-scenes footage from the highly-anticipated film, we just took live our own set visit over at MTV.com, and the insanely-awesome new trailer premieres all over the place this weekend.

To sweeten the pot even more, check out these exclusive photos.

Photo 1

Photo 1: A close-up on Rorshach (Oscar-nominee Jackie Earle Haley from "Little Children") as he springs into action. Named for the inkblot tests he was submitted to as a child, he is the most moral yet the most mentally unstable of the conflicted heroes.

Photo 2

Photo 2: Another shot of Rorshach, this time from the front. Hurm...

Photo 3

Photo 3: Sexy Silk Spectre II (Malin Akerman) and Nite Owl II (Patrick Wilson) try their best to live up to the legacies of their forebearers - and a romance that will shape the future of the Watchmen.

Photo 4

Photo 4: In this group shot, Nite-Owl (Wilson), Spectre (Akerman) and Rorschach (Haley) invade the lair of Ozymandias (Matthew Goode), the king of kings.

Photo 5

Photo 5: Rorschach (Haley) invades the apart of the dear, departed Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to investigate the mystery of who is rubbing out the Watchmen.

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