'Hero By Night' Headed To TV, Series Creator DJ Coffman Responds

'Hero By Night'"Hero By Night," the winner of Platinum Studios' 2006 Comic Book Challenge contest, is headed to TV as a live-action series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series is being developed by IM Global into an action-adventure program produced by IM Global and Platinum execs.

Created by DJ Coffman, "Hero By Night" follows the adventures of a young landlord who accidentally discovers the secret hideout of a former superhero. The series is one of the most successful titles in Platinum's stable, which also includes "Cowboys and Aliens," an under-the-radar comics optioned ages ago that not only has "Iron Man" screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby tagged to adapt, but Robert Downey Jr. possibly attached as its star.

While the success "Hero By Night" has achieved thus far could mean a better chance of forward movement on the movie front, the series has been the focus of significant controversy in the comics world.

In June, Coffman suspended production of the series due to non-payment issues with Platinum, and later announced that he was trying to reclaim rights to the series from the publisher. Over time, his negotiations with Platinum took a very public downturn, and Coffman became one of the publisher's most vocal critics. On his personal website, Coffman responded to this morning's "Hero by Night" announcement, which he says was as much a surprise to him as anyone else.

"How do I feel about the news?" asked Coffman. "Well, it’s a press release, and that doesn’t mean a whole lot about actually getting something made, as you can learn from the plethora of press releases that fire out of Hollywood daily. It’s buzz, I guess."

"I’ve never heard of IM Global before," continued Coffman. "You’d hope they would consult the creator, and I’d be happy to talk to them. 'Hero By Night' could be a big success for anyone who goes about it properly."

Coffman's involvement with the live-action "Hero by Night" is uncertain at this point, but it's certainly a behind-the-scenes aspect of this project that could prove interesting for comics fans with an eye toward the business side of the industry.

Have you read "Hero by Night"? Think it will make a good TV series? What about DJ Coffman's involvement -- should he be a part of it?