SPOILER ALERT! 'Spoilers' Debuts Tonight At 7:30 On MTV

Are you the type of movie fan who's the first to see the latest trailers and behind-the-scenes video clips online the second they drop? Does the smell of popcorn and flat soda in the morning smell like...victory? And most importantly, do the words "Spoiler Alert" mean absolutely nothing to you?

If you answered "yes," then be sure to tune into MTV tonight at 7:30 ET/PT for the debut of "Spoilers" -- MTV's brand new show for the movie fan who demands the latest news on the hottest films hitting the multiplexes. And if you're a regular Splash Page reader or a fan of comic movies, tonight's a big one for you, with first-look footage and set visits from "Watchmen" and "The Spirit."

But it ain't all comic films -- tonight's debut episode also features the latest on "Twilight," “The Day The Earth Stood Still,” Anne Hathaway’s “Bride Wars,” and a slew of other films that are sure to be the blockbusters you'll be lining up to see coming soon to a theater near you.

Be there at 7:30 ET/PT tonight on MTV for "Spoilers!"